PeoplesHR with Synergy Health takes a step towards enhancing corporate wellbeing in Sri Lanka

The prevailing pandemic has opened a forum of discussion on corporate wellbeing in Sri Lanka, especially due to remote working practices that has become the new normal of the corporate world. Addressing the negligence on employee health and wellbeing, the partnership created between PeoplesHR, the HRIS solution by hSenid Business Solutions together with Synergy Health New Zealand, provides an answer for this rising concern.


To all valued members of the hSenid community,

Extending support and business continuity during COVID-19 outbreak

As we face this unfortunate catastrophe together, our sincere concern goes out to the families and communities affected by COVID 19. As a responsible indigenous multinational, we work towards supporting and adhering to the rules and regulations put forward by the government and have taken necessary measures towards the health and safety of our employees.


hSenid celebrates Women’s Day with ‘The Open Closet’

For the fourth consecutive time, hSenid celebrates Women's Day to give a hand to all the hard working super women out there. This initiative embarked in the year 2017 and was aimed at giving back to the women in compromised situations with limited access to clothes, shoes, accessories and so on. This year too hSenid opened doors to over 200 deserving women who sacrifice their needs to support their loved ones, who walked away with a free goody bag of clothing and accessories of their choosing. This year, the Open Closet project 2020 gave away over 2000 items consisting of clothes, hand-bags, accessories, foot wear and even offered the ladies to treat themselves at our very own nail polish station. The Open Closet brought women from different ethnicities and backgrounds together to celebrate womanhood and do what all women love to do and that is shopping. What better way to spend this special day than getting whatever you want free of charge! The Open Closet goes beyond just being a CSR project. It is hSenid’s way of giving back to the superwomen of our community. Over the years hSenid has ensured that every woman that walks through the doors leaves feeling joyful knowing that they are leaving the premises with something they would not have been able to afford.