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Tick tock goes the attendance clock! – Tech takeover on attendance management

Tick tock goes the attendance clock! – Tech takeover on attendance management

Are you still on the card swipes or have you moved forward to fingerprints, to capture your employee attendance? The tech storm seems to have taken over all things HR, yet, somehow attendance seems to be one yet not impacted. This seems to be one of those elements of HRIS that have been left out of the many updates and upgrades that have come through. HR software has been primed and polished over the years, although some parts of it are still in the dark almost hiding from the changes that are on the way. Although it may seem like attendance is the same old attendance it was a few years ago, things have changed. HRIS being the care giver of employee wellbeing have focused more on attendance on the low-key side with the security elements in mind to ensure greater protection and effectivity to its users. So, what really changed? Well a lot’s coming that’s for sure. Prepare yourself for the HRIS takeover that is going take you on a safe and productive journey.


Interactive interfaces

Problem: Attendance marking restricted to just your workplace.

Solution: Well, there are mobile friendly HRM systems that can change that for you overnight. So, you can still mark your time in and out even when you are at work meetings all day. You even get GPS tracking to know exactly where your employees are just for additional information. Don’t just restrict yourself to the picture snapping fingerprint capturing machines, when the HRIS world has lots more to offer to you. Let agile worker, constant movers, travelers and desk job workers all connected in one HR platform that is accessible from wherever in the world they maybe. So, you know who made it on time for that important meeting, if working from home meant that it was counted as a working day, and if the time difference between your overseas employee didn’t get miscounted as a day off. This makes it easier to bring everything into one equal measure making sure your HRM software is not discriminating your employees and that your productivity levels aren’t going down over time.


AI driven approach

Problem: Anyone with an ID can walk in through your doors.

Solution: Facial recognition is not a new thing to the world anymore, however, it is still making its way into the HRIS world, rather slowly. Not just limiting its capabilities to tagging people you know on Facebook, now it’s becoming a trusted way of identity verification. With its features, Unlocking mobile devices and payment verifications take the future of security to the next level. When all that, is working out for the best, HRM systems are also on its way toward integrating facial recognition to its attendance devices. There are yet many risk factors involved with it, that may harm or tamper the security elements of your organisation. Although the chances stand strong in the future, where facial recognition could control those that walk in and out of your work premises. Of course the chance of a twin walking in on behalf of the actual person expected stands a strong threat, although much like any tech advancement, this too will be resolved and perfected over time. Keeping your documents, servers, and employees all safe within closed doors.


Bigger better analytics 

Problem: Reports depict things we already know

Solution: Having and HRIS or HRM software as many would call it, means that you get a dashboard view of important information summarised in an info-graphical form to make things easier for your decision-making process. Although how much of your decisions are made by looking at the number that are about today? Its always a mixture of then and now, that concocts the decisions that are always about the future. Because no one can go back and change what’s already been done. It’s always the future that needs careful attention and planning. Every strategy needs a good base and building that base should not be a hard job, at least when you have spent on an HRIS system. The future of HRIS is future based analytics or predictive analytics that tell you everything you need to know about then, now and the future. Those trend lines on that graph about your attendance should not stop on today’s results. Your HRM software should be able to tell you about your workforce punctuality, to help identify the organisation’s overall productivity and its overall future performance.


The future of attendance isn’t looking as grim as it seemed it would be. It’s a two-way street that keeps giving back to you and your employees. In and era where equal pay is in the process of being considered for all good reasons, this becomes one of those supporting factors to make sure those employees with different work arrangements aren’t left out or discriminated. Because the future of HRIS or HRM software are brighter than the gloomy manual past where things took years to come into effect. The changing world gets integrated at the same time with the HRIS world. Because HR tech is the future and in that HRM software take front and center stage. Accommodating the many changing dynamics of HR that come with generational changes, into the vast growing network that is Human Resources Management Systems.