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A touch of AI in the world of recruitment

A touch of AI in the world of recruitment

By now surely many know that AI is here to stay. Its not going anywhere but forward, growing stronger, bigger and better day by day. So instead of just looking at the picture expanding from a small polaroid to a wide screen full HD view, its always best to stay prepared for what’s coming. Once, back in the day, although it may not seem too long ago, we made the transition from paper to computer, letters to email and then files and folder on a desktop to fully automated systems. Now that’s done, the next big leap across would be the AI take over. Which is slowly creeping through our finger. Here how to ease it in and make it a comfortable change than a thud of blow on the majority involved.


Start building the army of reinforcements

This is definitely NOT the army of robots that many seem to think is building somewhere in the tech world waiting to take over the world and potentially destroy us humans. This is an army of humans ready to work with the changes that are coming our way. Not necessarily fight back but just think of them as the warriors that know how to tame the dragon and make it work for us. Recruiting people that know their fair share of AI is key. Its important to have the workforce, equipped in every way possible. To get AI to work for your benefit rather than just idle on its own, stagnant and useless over time. So, build a workplace of people that come from all decades and experiences to get the best of all worlds as it evolves in lightning speed.


Use it for your benefit

Recruitment is not as complicated as it was before, with machine learning and all the capabilities that AI powered tools carry in it. So, if that means getting Chatbots to get the initial interview through, then it should be that to make the process easier. Why wait around till an appointments opens up, or get an entire panel ready for the introductory stage. When you applications that can do it for you in minutes. Not to say that you will be cutting out all human interactions but to have some of it done for you to ease the work. Throw in more of that AI and get the system to pick the best fits out of the rest and you are done with the first step. Technology is advanced enough to help you make the big decisions. It can think like you if you train it right.


More help, can help more

Help is always looked at as a weakness, sometimes it feels like a low point to say that we need some help sorting things out. Although this not the case when it comes to technology because its growing large and wide so watching and waiting for it work for us and bow down to the pride of our egos will not workout in the long run. Specially with the things coming across with the biz-tech collaboration. The diversified employee base from many decades, and experiences can be hard to tackle on its own. So, get the specialists, experts and consultant to come in and help with the big decision and even in the micro parts that you never knew existed. Bring out the big guns, the entire cavalry to get your business ready for the future before it hits you hard.


AI is not the typical new guy that walked in and waits around for you to get introduced when you’re ready. Stay ready, know the man and walk in confident, to avoid sudden pitfalls. It’s the big leagues and there’s no turning back.