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4 things we can do to bridge the generation gap at workplace

4 things we can do to bridge the generation gap at workplace

An orgnisation consists of different kind of personalities and diverse set of individuals working on a common goal, to drive the business towards the success. Even though there is a common goal that is followed by all these individuals despite the skills and knowledge they possess organisations are bound to hire different people with different backgrounds and skills with the talent, expertise and experience required in order to carry out the business successfully.


It is not an easy task to manage the diversity and most importantly the generation gap that certainly exist at the majority of workplaces around the globe. There can be various issues due to this gap that may arise in operations and other areas. Mainly affected areas can be identified as new ideas and innovations. The way a baby boomer would take up a job and executing could be completely different to what a millennial would do.


The worse thing that could happen in an organisation is failing to manage the generation gap that may lead to failure of the business as a whole. Below are 5 things that we can do to bridge the gap that exist in order to be more productive and effective when operating in the modern business world.


1. Learn about the generations and the gap that has to be filled

First you have to learn and understand the differences between the generations. This is a vital part of handling the different generations especially for the management of an organisation. If you have no idea why some people may take a certain job up in a different way or why they always object the decisions taken even after considering a lot of facts, you will not be able to figure out the reason behind it.


Each generation has its own characteristics and behaviors. It is utmost important that we identify and understand it and act accordingly.


2. Do not manage everyone in the same way

One particular approach for all the issues and every employee in the organisation has been the norm for most of the businesses. No, it does not work that way. You have to identify each employee’s mindset when finding solutions for an issue that may arise between a young individual and an older well experienced person.


3. Let them be involved, engaged and heard

A major mistake of most of the mangers are that they think and act like they know everything since they have been in a particular company or an industry for a long time so that everyone has to work according to what he thinks and his way.


This is a major drawback for a company which would hinder new ideas, innovation and opinions of diverse set of individuals. Millennials are known to be people who think out of the box and change things around. If you never listen to them or give them an opportunity, failing will be inevitable as they are a part of the particular project or the task.


4. Collaboration & teamwork should be the core

It is not an impossible task for an individual to complete a job on his own without a help from anyone else. But it is fact that working together as a team opens up a forum for more ideas and effective ways of doing things.


Promoting collaboration has become essential for businesses in the modern day. It increases the productivity and efficiency while fetching greater results than an individual working alone would do.


Bridging the generation gap has many benefits for an organisation. It increases the motivation levels of employees and they eventually become more supportive and loyal to the organisation which makes it easy for the company to operate.