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4 Must do's when firing an employee

4 Must do's when firing an employee

Firing an employee has many sides to it. It’s more than a person losing a job. Firing process is not a very pleasant thing to go through, neither is it an easy task for both the parties involved. No one will actually think that they will get fired even when they have low performance in the organisation.

The employee has a bond with the organisation, they think the organisation has that too. Yes they do, but feelings do not play a role in the business world. No matter how much of an effort you put or try hard, if an employee is under-performing the business will have to get rid of that person.


However there a set of things that an organisation must follow when firing an employee;


1. Do think about the decision in every aspect before firing

Losing a job is not an easy thing for a person so it is always advisable to re look at if the decision is right. Sometimes you might be firing a person who could be an asset in the future. May be the person who got of doing something wrong would not be the person who has actually done. So you have to make sure that the decision is right and the reason is justified.


2. Do have a meeting with the person before firing

Meet the person one to one and let them know about in person. Using any other mean of communication would be inappropriate. We should understand that we are dealing with human beings, so the organisation should have a courtesy for what that person has done for the business.  


3. Do warn the employee beforehand

The employees should know what is expected from them and why it is not delivered as expected. Do consider whether the particular person can improve overtime in the future. If so accommodate with necessary training sessions. Firing without any warning or mentioning about their performance would make that employee angrier and will create a hatred towards the organisation and its management. 


4. Do explain the reason for firing in simple terms

Lengthy explanations are unnecessary when firing an employee. As long you have al the past performance and records of the employee performance there will not be any requirement to explain things and rationale for your decision. But it is important that you have been discussed about the particular employees’ performance before.


Firing an employee would not happen only once in your life. However having a systematic approach will make it easy to proceed with the task. Each and every action you make when firing an employee could have an impact on the person who is on the receiving end. So be mindful the steps you follow in the process of getting rid of an employee.