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Tips for a better career planning

Tips for a better career planning

Career planning is something that you need to look at when you start your career initially. But having a plan when you start your higher studies would not hurt anyone. It could put you in the right path even before you join the workforce. This also can contribute towards choosing the right job as the first one.


Career planning is not something that you should do when you starting your career and then just leave it behind. It needs to be evaluated and changed accordingly as you progress in your career.


Planning does not involve a lot of effort. You can break it down in many ways which makes it even easier. While some may want to achieve something in a particular year, some may want to achieve when they reach a particular age. So it basically comes down a particular person’s personal preference.


So let’s look at some of the tips you can use when you are planning your career;


1. Have long term and short term goals

While having long term goals can be a motivational factor, it could be more enhanced when you break it down and have short term goals. In simple term basically you achieve your outlined short term targets and reach the long term goals in a more effective way.


2. Do it every year

Make it a yearly thing. Take a bit of time every year and see whether you need to change anything regarding your career or gain any knowledge & skills that would help you complete your tasks more effectively and efficiently.  This will help you to have a better vision and a direction. 


3. Keep a record of your past successes

This has a significant importance in career planning. If you don’t have it recorded somewhere the chances of forgetting your accomplishments is very high. This will help you build your resume as well as increase your self-motivation levels when making a progress in your career.


4. Evaluate your plans and look for new job trends

Changes that takes place in the external environment does not only affect the businesses it also affect each and every individual in the workforce. When businesses grow they will need people with different skills and expertise. If you are up to date and if you have invested on skills and knowledge building before it arises, it is easy for you to compete with the new talent that comes in to the market.


This also lets you exploit more opportunities that exist in the market. If you were never aware of the external environment and what is happening around, there is higher chance that you may struggle at some point of your career.