The Blockchain effect on the future workplace

It’s not just the amazing new features that made the tech business a hit, there were a bunch of cool new words that took over the world too. These terms are of course for features and components of a larger revelation although some words really did create a hype among people in an influential manner. When one invests on something new, everyone wants a name on it that would stick for a lifetime and that would mean something even after its no more, bringing a nostalgic thought of a distant memory of what it was. Its impact was significant if it left that footprint in the minds of the general population among which some of whom may not even know what it really means. One such term, creating all the buzz on the internet is Blockchain technology. What is it? How is relevant to work is what we will soon find out.


4 performance management trends that every organisation has to be aware of

Over the years the performance management landscape has changed drastically. It has been changing to suit the ever-changing requirements of organisations and employees. With new generations storming in to the workforce and work environment is changing it is essential that every organisation keep a close look at the newest trends building up in the market and keep up with it.


Performance management to drive engagement and retention of employees

The purpose of an effective performance management process is often been misunderstood by many organisations and have failed to identify the relationship between employee engagement and retention with performance management.

Performance management in the current world is being practiced in the same old manner where the supervisors will give a numerical number for an employee’s performance and then the employee will rate his/her performance according to their understanding. Later a review meeting will determine once performance and the expectation for the next year. This should not be the case moving in to the future. A well-structured and an effective performance management process will allow you to build a connection with employee engagement and retention as well.