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Generation-proof HR software – what Gen Z expects from their candidate experience

The black and white frame that once held all things HR has been broken into during the last decade or two, simply by the entrance of technology combined with the generational changes. Over time, the process driven system that ran the business world got taken over by the experience dominant culture. Different generations walked into workplace, defining the ever-changing dynamics of the business world that come with many requirements. So, the boxed-up recruitment process of the years gone by got a new and exciting look, satisfying the cravings of all generations with the introduction of HR software. That took the paper trail, bias decisions and stagnant processes and transformed it into a structured and accommodating process. So, here’s what changed, what stayed the same and what’s new in HRIS to help new, old and the up and coming generations of the diverse workplace.



Clean, green and structured

Remember the time when recruitment meant a whole bunch of resumes all printed, stapled and stacked up for shortlisting. That was a messy past that got wiped off with the introduction of HRIS. Once an organisation plugs in an HR software, shortlisting became just a quick browse. Because everyone knows that with an HR platform, the paper trail gets cut off, saving you the cost and the environment a great big loss due to the over-usage of paper. Hence contributing to the nature conscious initiatives that have been making its way into the business world. Helping the universe recover from the past damages and portraying the corporate responsibility that you hold within each process. The HRIS structure drives organisations to speed up the overall process, without keeping candidates waiting for too long. Which the impatient, career driven and fast paced Gen Z candidates will appreciate. A clean, fast and easy to way to go through recruitment.


Centrally archived

Each job opening brings in a truck load of resumes and only one lucky candidate makes it through at the end of the day, leaving a whole load of resumes accumulated in a stack somewhere that no one remembers about later. Add in an HR software to the equation and you have an archive of all resumes to ever come in. Creating a comprehensive database that you can peruse through when new job roles open up over time. Opportunity driven Gen Z will be happy to know that their chances aren’t lost with one attempt. After all they say third times the charm, and a chance to be considered for different opportunities take up the overall rating, up the experience scale. A thoughtful gesture to adds value to the organisation and to the candidates at the same time, regardless of the generation.


Fair game

The business world can get competitive, and in that process there’s always the intense kind that takes the shortcut to success. In this case, an employee may influence on the final decision of the candidate selected. Its not always the best that wins the race, sometimes the wrong kind of influence can help nudge the decision in a forced direction. Although with an HRIS in place, the unfair business becomes a bit tougher than before. Every decision, is accounted for with evidence that is supported by the information recorded within the HR software. So those bias choices, wrong or tampered decisions get little to no chance of creeping through. Equal treatment has been a motion that’s been spoken of, for quite some time, and its applies beyond pay and gender. Gen Z candidates expect more from you beyond just an opportunity, and a great pay. They come from an atmosphere driven by changes that improve the business ethics that have dominated the world for many long years. An HR platform goes beyond getting you the right candidate to building a structure approach to all HR requirements.


Easy decisions  

Decisions become tougher when the options are greater, and almost every resume has areas that add value to the job role. A quick glance, or even a thorough study can’t sometimes help with the process. An HRIS in this situation can be helpful with in-depth comparisons, and qualification or trait highlights that fit the job in question. This also assures that wrong reasons don’t influence the decision. Keeps it all on record and gets the ball rolling faster and effectively.   Influencing the overall impact on the Gen Z that do not appreciate the long waits and wasted encounters just to help the decision through.


Gen Z candidates walk into the workplace with higher expectations than the rest of the generations that made its way before. In an experience driven and highly competitive business world, technology take the best of all qualities and attributes that has to do with the processes around most workplace functionalities. So, when it comes to building experiences and making impressions that last, it’s important incorporate the right balance to the mix. As few generations leave the workplace, new ones come in with different needs and the best way to stay ahead of the game is to get the right HR software that work for you and your organisation.