5 Employees Types that should be recognized

Tis the season for some love and appreciation! Your staff have worked hard all year and it is a leader’s duty to recognize their employees when they are headed down the right path. So raise your hot cocoa to the busy elves who makes our lives easier.


Role Of HR During An Economic Crisis

In these times of uncertainty, it's important to focus on the future. We've all been through this before: a recession or despair that seems to last forever.

The role of HR during an economic crisis is to focus on the human needs of workers. This means that you need to help employees manage stress, maintain their health and well-being, and provide them with opportunities for growth and development. Human resources professionals can play an important role in helping businesses survive during these times by focusing on employee retention efforts as well as helping companies implement strategies that will help ensure they remain profitable during downturns in the economy.


hSenid Working Mums: How Do They Avoid Running Ragged Between Work And Home?

You already know that working from home can be a great lifestyle choice for you and your family. But like all good things do, WFH also comes with its own set of unique challenges. It's definitely mind-boggling if you’re a new mom for the first, second or even the third time (one can just never get used to it) and have to juggle between work and mom duties when you put your work shoes on soon after your maternity leave break. 

This is why working mums are a force to reckon with. While all working mums have got what it takes to surf through the high and low tides of their challenging experiences, I believe that they need all the support they can get to balance both their careers and personal life at home quite efficiently.  Therefore, we asked our hard working mums at hSenidBiz about how they manage working from home with their baby. Here's what the Head of our Human Resource Operations, Numica Perera and Head of PeoplesHR Academy, Sudarshana Ganesan had to say. 


Plan ahead. 

If you're a working mom, it's important to plan ahead and make sure that your work schedule doesn't conflict with other aspects of your life. With a baby at home, there's no way to avoid those unavoidable meetings or calls at 3pm on Saturday afternoon. But if they are scheduled during the same times as baby naps or when he gets fussy after eating breakfast, then they become unbearable. Instead of trying to fit everything in around these times (and possibly compromising both), consider choosing another time period for these tasks so that they don't interfere with any other plans or activities (e.g., having lunch with friends). 


Keep your baby on a schedule. 

One of the best ways to work from home with a baby is by keeping your child on a schedule. This means that you should put your baby in bed at around the same time every night, wake him up at around the same time every morning, feed him at regular intervals throughout the day and take him for naps during certain times of day (or not). It's also important to keep track of any special times like potty training or making new food choices so that you can make sure everything goes smoothly when it comes time for those things! 


Schedule your meetings in advance and work Smart.

Meetings are important, but they can be stressful. You don't have to do all your work in a meeting. Keep meetings short (15 -30 minutes max), focused, and quiet if possible. The last thing you want is for someone else's voice or noise levels to distract from what you're trying to get done during your time together in person! If it's too loud for everyone involved, then consider scheduling another meeting somewhere else instead, where everyone can talk more comfortably without disturbing each other's concentration levels too much.  


Get help if you can. 

If you can, get help from family and friends. You don't have to be the only one who takes care of your baby. If you have help from a nanny or babysitter, that's great. If not, consider hiring someone else to do the heavy lifting for a short time 


Take time to breathe and focus on what you are doing. 

In the beginning, you may not have time to breathe or focus on what you are doing. You may be so focused on your baby that you can't even see the clock in front of you. But it is important that you take breaks throughout the day and give yourself some time for yourself. If possible, schedule one hour every day where no one else needs anything from you except your presence (and sometimes just your company). This will help you stay sane when you are at home with a newborn baby and allows you to recharge mentally in between work sessions if necessary! 


Give yourself permission to do the bare minimum. 

You are not the only one who has to work from home with a baby, and you're definitely not the only one who has to do all of this at once. Don't let your guilt get in the way of doing what needs to be done. It's hard, but it's necessary! 


Remember that you're not alone! 

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to feel like you have to do everything yourself. But don’t let anyone else's expectations of you get in the way of your own goals and dreams. You may not be able to do everything all on your own, but there are other people who can help out when they're available (and if they're not around, it's okay). You don't need anyone else's permission or approval for what matters most: making sure that baby is healthy and happy! 

There are many ways to work from home with a baby. You might find that some of these tips don't work for you, while others might be the perfect solution. When it comes down to it, your success will depend on your personality and situation as much as anything else. The most important thing is to keep trying until something clicks!