hSenid partners are exclusively selected based on their expertise and experience to contribute towards the client’s business requirements through hSenid. We are currently expanding the hSenid Global Partner Network, which will enable prospective clients to reach a hSenid partner with ease.

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Technology Partners


Are you a systems integrator or a solution provider who can help integrate our HR system with other systems? Will you ensure HR processes are well integrated with other functional processes so the organisation has a streamlined environment? Join our partner network and help clients simplify their integrations.

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Individual Consultants


Are you a well networked individual with expertise in the field of HR systems? Do you possess domain knowledge in HR, looking for additional income via attractive commission structures? Get on-board our partner network and help us connect with our global clients.

Corporate Information

Value Added Resellers (VAR)


Can you represent hSenid Business Solutions and facilitate reselling the product? Whether you are a consultancy firm or an IT vendor, you can join our network and help us expand our global reach. Contact us today to learn more about our Value Added Reseller Programme.



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